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At Davis Law Group, our Akron real estate attorneys handle all aspects of real estate law, guiding our clients through both straight forward and complex real estate transactions. We work with both businesses and homeowners providing a full range of legal services relating to real estate and titles. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the negotiation, drafting and review of all types of documentation generated by real estate transactions. We have represented various entities in the acquisition, financing and construction of commercial, retail and residential projects.

We also have significant experience relating to real estate title insurance, and the complex issues that real estate title insurance can present. We understand title insurance issues, and can make the process of preparing pro formas and title commitments simple and efficient, and the review of title insurance policies straightforward. Our attorneys have the ability to recognize issues related to the title history of a parcel of real estate far in advance of any title problems that may place in jeopardy a transaction. If there is a title issue, our real estate lawyers have proven success in finding solutions to challenging real estate title defects. We are successful in providing solutions critical in allowing for a clear title to pass to another person or entity.

The law firm has broad experience in various financing vehicles for real estate transactions including conventional financing, tax credit financing, bond financing and other types of mixed-financing projects.

If you face a contract dispute over a real estate matter, our Akron real estate lawyers can provide excellent representation to protect your interests and property. We ensure your rights are protected from the beginning so that minor details don't escalate into devastating legal problems.

We are a full-service residential and commercial real estate law firm handling the following areas:

Real Estate transactions and contracts, including consultation, negotiation and document drafting:

  1. Purchase and sale transactions from home acquisitions to complex commercial, industrial and investment transactions
  2. Commercial and residential leases
  3. Easements, permits, licenses and restrictive covenants
  4. Real estate lending and borrowing
  5. Condominiums Owners association matters
  6. Consultation and drafting documents to establish corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities for the acquisition and development of real estate
  7. Trustee sales

Litigation, arbitration and mediation with regard to:

  1. Property and title insurance claims and disputes
  2. Real estate assessment and taxation
  3. Landlord and tenant disputes
  4. General contract matters
  5. Foreclosures
  6. Condemnation
  7. Environmental regulation and compliance
  8. Land use, planning, development and zoning

Do You Need an Akron Real Estate Attorney?

In some states, home buyers are required to involve a real estate attorney. Those states include Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. The states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota require a real estate attorney’s opinion. In Ohio, it is not required to involve a real estate attorney. The only time an attorney is required is if a deed for property is being transferred to another person. In that case, an attorney is needed to draft the title.

If it is not required, why should you hire one of our attorneys to help you with your property purchase? There are several reasons.

  1. A real estate attorney Akron Ohio will be able to tell you quickly about local building codes and permits. Your attorney will help you make sure your property is in compliance with permit guidelines and zoning codes so you don’t run into problems later in the process.
  2. Sometimes the paperwork can feel overwhelming. Homeowners sometimes feel unsure which is harder to cope with, the cost of buying a new home or the time required to review all of the paperwork and get it in good order. The more paperwork there is and the more time is a factor, the easier it is to overlook important details. A real estate attorney helps remove all of that stress and strain by reviewing paperwork with and for you, advising you regarding certain points, and protecting you from any potential mistakes or pitfalls.
  3. If there is a lot of paperwork in a normal home purchase, there can be even more if your purchase is a little out of the norm for whatever reason. Having an attorney help you with unusual contract terms or requirements that seem unfamiliar is highly beneficial.
  4. If you know your property has a history of certain issues, how can you sell it to anyone without running into charges of fraud or, at best, misleading the buyer? A real estate attorney may be able to advise you on how to fix problems like lead, termites, or mold, and if you aren’t able to eradicate the problem, a real estate attorney will be able to help you word your contract appropriately.
  5. You can actually save money by hiring a real estate attorney on the front end of a sale or purchase. That may seem counter-intuitive because, of course, real estate attorneys need to be paid for their work. However, for every problem an attorney can save you from, or from every potential really serious mess they help you circumvent, a real estate attorney will save you a lot of money, not to mention a lot of time.

If you’re looking to find a real estate attorney in Akron Ohio, our lawyers bring over 35 years of experience to the table. For the best representation, contact Davis Law Group LLC at 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733.

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