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Property owners in Ohio are required by law to pay property taxes.  Like any other tax, property taxes are levied according to a process set forth in state statutes and administrative codes.  Unlike many other taxes, though, property taxes involve a valuation method that can—and does—lead to unfair tax assessments for property owners.


If you believe your property has been incorrectly appraised, hiring an experienced Akron Attorney for your appeal can better protect your right to an equitable tax assessment.


Why Property Tax Appraisals Cause Problems

Property taxes are based on a property’s market value.  A property is appraised by a representative from the local county, and the appraised market value serves as the starting point from which the owner’s tax liability is determined.


An inaccurate appraisal can lead to an unfair tax assessment.  This is why it is essential that an adequate and diligent appraisal process is enforced.  Market valuation depends on many factors, any of which—if ignored or overstated—can lead to an improper valuation.


Unfair tax assessments also occur due to rapidly changing markets and conditions.  Under Ohio law, a tax appraisal must be conducted once every six years.  Certain adjustments occur to valuations in the interim based on statutory schedules.


The value of real estate can fluctuate dramatically in a matter of months.  In the six-year statutory span, a property could conceivably lose most of its value due to issues relating to surrounding property, zoning, natural disasters and weather events, local schools, or crime, among other factors.


Because property values can shift quite rapidly, Ohio property owners have the right to appeal their property’s tax appraisal before the local Board of Revision.


Tax Appeals and the Board of Revision

When a property owner wishes to appeal a burdensome, inaccurate, or improper tax appraisal, appeals may be made to the Board of Revision of the county in which a property is located.  For example, individuals who own property in the Akron area can appeal tax assessments to the Summit County Board of Revision.


The Board of Revision has the authority to review tax appraisals and correct property valuations it determines to be inaccurate.  Appealing a tax appraisal before the Board offers property owners the opportunity to dispute the original tax appraisal and present evidence of a property’s actual value. 


Because the tax appraisal process is complex and the right to appeal an appraisal is limited, retaining an experienced Akron Board of Revision attorney is recommended prior to undertaking a tax appeal.


How the Right Attorney Can Help with Your Tax Appeal

Improper tax appraisals can have serious, long-term consequences on your finances or your business.  Losing a tax appeal due to lack of preparation may preclude you from having your property’s valuation corrected, and can cost you a lot of money.


Having a Board of Revision attorney like those at Davis Law Group LLC can protect your rights, your finances, and business.  From the moment they take your case, the team at Davis Law Group LLC will begin reviewing the evidence, appraisal, and market to identify where and how tax appraisal errors may have occurred.


With experience navigating the Board of Revision’s appellate process, Davis Law Group LLC’s attorneys can guide you through your appeal, advise you on the right course of action to minimize your tax liability, and help you present the best case possible for why the Board of Revision should correct your appraisal.


Davis Law Group LLC | Board of Revision Akron Attorney

Homeowners and business owners are entitled to a fair tax appraisal under Ohio law.  If you have been notified of an unfair or inaccurate tax appraisal, you need an experienced attorney for your tax appeal.  Call Davis Law Group LLC now to discuss your case.  


If you’re looking to find a board of revision appeals attorney in Akron Ohio, our lawyers bring over 35 years of experience to the table. For the best representation, contact Davis Law Group LLC at 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733.


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