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At Davis Law Group, we are real estate attorneys who represent both tenants and landlords solving legal issues for property owners and their tenants throughout the State of Ohio.  We bring over 35 years of extensive experience in landlord/tenant legal services, including the negotiation, drafting and review of all types of documentation generated by rental/lease transactions.

By having a well-drafted contract, both landlords and tenants can avoid potential problems and ensure they are in compliance with Ohio law. Our experienced Akron landlord/tenant attorneys will ensure that the lease covers all the necessary rental terms to ensure your rights are protected should a dispute arise.

Unfortunately, not every landlord tenant relationship is smooth from start to finish and as a result , you may need an experienced eviction attorney . Our attorneys understand the eviction process and are here to help with drafting and filing court documents.  In addition, if you have questions about your rights as a landlord or a tenant facing eviction. We can help protect your legal interests.

Davis Law Group is a full-service landlord tenant law firm working with both tenants and landlords in the following areas.

Landlord Attorney Services:

  1. Drafting of rental leases
  2. Resolution of landlord-tenant disputes
  3. Tenant Eviction
  4. Collection activities for nonpaying tenants
  5. Lease Negotiation

Tenant Attorney Services:

  1. Resolution of tenant-landlord disputes
  2. Defend against unjust evictions
  3. Assist in security deposits recovery efforts
  4. Support of tenants’ rights against acts of discrimination

If you’re looking to find a landlord/tenant attorney in the State of Ohio, our lawyers bring over 35 years of experience to the table. For excellent legal representation, contact Davis Law Group LLC at 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733.  Or email us at

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