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Getting Criminal Convictions Sealed

Why we Believe in Sealing Criminal Convictions

The Davis Law Group wholeheartedly believes in helping those who have earned second chances. We understand that a mistake made in the past is no longer reflective of the person you have worked to become. After learning the stories of so many of our clients, we know that a new slate can be life-changing.

In October of 2018, Ohio passed a law that makes it easier to become eligible for criminal records to be sealed after undergoing the application process. Getting criminal convictions sealed may be possible for those with up to five fourth-degree or fifth-degree felonies and/or unlimited misdemeanors. In the past, this was only a possibility for those with up to two misdemeanors or those with one felony and one misdemeanor. As you can imagine, this change can affect many lives for the better.

One of the biggest challenges those with convictions face is the inability to land a job. We understand the frustration this ignites. How are you ever supposed to get back on your feet and make a change if an old record hinders your chances? The Davis Law group acknowledges this. That is why we want to help you apply to have your criminal record sealed.

What Does it Mean to Seal a Criminal Record?

Sealing a criminal record under Ohio law is possible and due to the recent legislative change, it has become more plausible. What does “sealing a record” mean exactly? It means that the charge still exists, but the electronic record is kept separate of the paper record in a secure location. When applying for most jobs, you are not obligated to disclose any previous convictions, arrests or charges. Sealing a criminal record makes it seem as though the conviction never took place.

Sealing a record, whether you were convicted or not, can be very beneficial for a number of reasons. As mentioned, this is helpful when undergoing the job application process. Most employers aren’t able to access your previous conviction(s). There are exceptions to employer access based on the nature of the job. This includes enlisting in the military and may include jobs that work with children, elderly or disabled populations. Our team at Davis Law would be more than willing to further discuss these exceptions with you. In addition to easing job application, a sealed record is also advantageous when applying for higher education, credit, housing and more.

How Davis Law Can Help Seal Criminal Convictions

While requirements and eligibility to have records sealed has become less difficult, the process itself is still far from easy. Navigating the court system can be complicated, so why do it on your own when you don’t have to. Our team at Davis Law is filled with talented and knowledgeable legal professionals. We will first help you determine if you are eligible. From there, we’ll discuss the entirety of the legal process and guide you through the steps to follow. Davis Law wants to help you flip the page and start a new chapter. Learn more by scheduling an appointment with one of our legal consultants today.

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