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Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys Akron, Ohio

At Davis Law Group LLC, our Akron commercial litigation lawyers are well versed in matters of commercial law and taking tough cases to trial.  In addition, we provide our corporate clients consulting and advisory services on an ongoing basis to help avoid or reduce the risk of potential litigation. However, when litigation happens we are ready to handle your case with aggressive, professional representation. We are area leaders in civil litigation matters that center on title insurance and real estate title issues. We have significant experience in contract and commercial litigation, and take great pride in representing businesses against claims that range in complexity and scope.

Our experienced attoneys help our clients reach the best decision for their business, including the decision to settle or go to trial. Based on the discovery, we can present a thorough and objective risk analysis to help clients weigh the potential outcomes, associated costs and provide the best stategy for success. As advocates for our clients, our experience also improves settlement negotiations and can help resolve cases faster. 

We are experienced trial lawyers who have handled lawsuits both the Akron area and in numerous states and venues across the country. Our commercial litigation attorneys have the skills needed for success in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.  We’ve handled cases in state, federal trial and appellate courts throughout the country.

With large firms the cost of taking a case to trial can be crippling, as a small firm with access to large firm resources, that allows us to provide responsive service to both small and large clients at an affordable fee. 

Following is a list of the types of commercial litigation areas that Akron trial lawyers represent: 

  1. Antitrust and Competition
  2. Appellate Practice
  3. Arbitration and Mediation
  4. Class Actions
  5. Consumer Financial Services
  6. Consumer Fraud Litigation
  7. Construction
  8. Corporate Risk Management, Stockholder Litigation and Special Committee Representation
  9. Electronic Records Management and Discovery
  10. Environmental ERISA and Employment Litigation
  11. Franchise, Distribution and Marketing Litigation
  12. Health Effects Litigation (Product Liability)
  13. Insurance
  14. Intellectual Property
  15. Labor and Employment
  16. Professional Responsibility Litigation
  17. Real Estate Litigation
  18. Regulatory Litigation
  19. Securities and Financial Services Enforcement Group
  20. Securities and Shareholder Litigation
  21. Title Litigation

Local Representation for Nationwide Companies or Other Law Practices

Experienced in all aspects of business law and commercial litigation, Davis Law Group LLC represents many small businesses across the country and providing local representation in the Summit County and Portage County courts.  If you require an Akron commercial litigation lawyer, contact a business law firm you can trust, Davis Law Group LLC at 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733.

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