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The Akron real estate attorneys of Davis Law Group are experienced in all forms of board of revision and tax appeals law. We protect the value of your real estate by ensuring you pay no more real estate tax than is absolutely necessary. We work to deliver you the proper real estate valuation to minimize your tax. We've represented owners of nearly every type of property to help them achieve the best tax valuation possible; protecting the bottom line of every dollar like it's our own investment.

If you don't agree with your county's value appraisal of your property, we'll fight to get adjusted. We will advise when you should appeal, and when it's in your best interest to stick with the status quo. We've successfully represented real estate tax appeals at county tax boards across the state of Ohio for over 35 years, delivering optimal tax valuations to our clients. Our services are a small investment that can return valuable reduced tax valuations. We'll fight against changes in real estate valuation that might cause you to pay more, protecting the best interests of our clients..

Real estate markets are changing every day. A high valuation yesterday may not be worth the same today, but will result in your paying more taxes than you are required to pay. We weigh the short and long term benefits to decide the best action that optimizes your value while minimizing the tax you have to pay. We deliver meaningful value while minimizing your tax expenses.

Davis Law Group is an Akron real estate law firm that will work to minimize your tax while protecting your property value, keeping it in line with today's market. For excellent real estate law and board of revision/tax appeals representation in Akron and throughout Summit and Portage counties; including Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, contact Akron lawyers, Davis Law Group 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733. We understand local property taxes. Let us help you determine when an appeal is in your best interest. Let's save money and protect the value of your real estate.

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