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The last thing anyone wants to need is a DUI attorney, but if you have been arrested and you face DUI charges, it is exactly what you need. In addition to helping you navigate Ohio’s complex legal system, an experienced attorney will also work with witnesses, prosecutors, and judges on your behalf. Taking fast action and building your strongest case is your best chance at minimizing the charges against you. The law firm of Davis Law Group LLC can help.

It should come as no surprise that a DUI arrest puts you at risk for some potentially life-changing consequences. The charges you face could affect your driving privileges, your financial situation, even your freedom. You need to work with a DUI attorney who does everything possible to make a DUI as consequential as can be.

An Experienced DUI Attorney is Your Best Bet for Beating DUI Charges in Ohio

At Davis Law Group LLC, we have the experience it takes to reduce the impact of a DUI. We’ve worked with clients throughout Ohio and helped them achieve the best possible results based on their circumstances. Because we have years of experience dealing with the judicial system, we’re able to help you feel more comfortable about your situation. One of our goals is to put you at ease and help you build a strong defense – no matter the specific details of your circumstances.


Everyone makes mistakes and if you contact us to help you manage your situation, you deserve clear and honest representation. We’ll be on your side from the moment you reach out to the conclusion of your case. Whether you are a first time offender or you face repeat charges, we are a DUI attorney law firm who can help you defend your rights.


You Need a DUI Attorney!

Davis Law Group LLC can help you with all misdemeanor and traffic offenses. We have a team of experienced lawyers who will be at your side, from the time you are arrested for DUI throughout your court hearings and other events. You should never attempt to navigate the legal system without professional experience. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need right now and handle the important work that will allow you to build your strongest case.


For more information or to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney who stand up for your rights, contact David Elliott at 330.434.6600 or call the office’s toll-free number at 888.218.7733.

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