Defense Lawyer Akron, Ohio
Defense Attorney Akron, Ohio

Protect Your Future by Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Akron, Ohio

Felony criminal charges can be disastrous to your future.  In Ohio, a felony conviction can mean jail time, expensive fines, and lifelong difficulty finding employment. 

If you or a family member are charged with a crime, do not face the legal system alone.  You need the help of a professional.  You need a criminal defense lawyer Akron, Ohio.


What Are the Consequences of a Felony Conviction?


Under Ohio law, a felony conviction carries more serious penalties than a misdemeanor conviction.  While a criminal defense lawyer is recommended any time an individual is charged with a crime, the more serious consequences of a felony conviction make contacting a trial-tested attorney essential.


Jail Time


Felony of the First Degree

3 to 11 years in prison

Felony of the Second Degree

2 to 8 years in prison

Felony of the Third Degree

9 months to 5 years in prison

Felony of the Fourth Degree

6 to 18 months in prison

Felony of the Fifth Degree

6 to 12 months in prison


Ohio sentencing guidelines set prison terms for felonies.  Depending on the type of conviction, prison terms may be mandatory. 


Criminal Fines


Felony of the First Degree

Up to $20,000

Felony of the Second Degree

Up to $15,000

Felony of the Third Degree

Up to $10,000

Felony of the Fourth Degree

Up to $5,000

Felony of the Fifth Degree

Up to $2,500

Ohio also allows the courts to impose heavy criminal fines.  These fines can be financially ruinous to convicted offenders and unknowledgeable plea bargainers. 

Collateral Consequences

Ohio criminal convictions can have effects on professional licenses and employment prospects.  Felony convictions will likely have to be disclosed to future employers, who are generally less likely to hire those with a felony offense on their record.  Felony convictions can also result in the loss of a professional license, rendering an offender unable to work in their field.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Akron, Ohio Can Help?

Having a dedicated criminal defense attorney can be the difference between conviction and exoneration.  Depending on the facts of each case, a criminal defense lawyer can recommend the best course of action to minimize the damage of a felony charge.

Protect Your Rights

Every person accused of a crime has Constitutional rights that the State is prohibited from violating.  These rights start even before charges are brought.  Did the police or another organization conduct a legitimate investigation?  Was there an unreasonable search or seizure?  Was the accused read his or her Miranda Rights or unjustly forced to speak without an attorney present?

The attorneys at the Davis Law Group LLC understand the intricacies of the rights of the accused.  With their guidance, those charged with a felony can rest assured that Constitutional violations will be discovered and raised as a defense to unjust charges.

Investigate Your Case
Criminal cases are often fact specific, and require thorough examination of evidence.  This may include gathering and reviewing surveillance footage, reviewing police reports, investigating patterns of misconduct by arresting officers, questioning witnesses, and speaking with experts.
To a layman, this type of comprehensive investigation can seem daunting.  But experienced criminal defense lawyers like those at the Davis Law Group LLC know how to thoroughly and effectively piece together the full story to mount the strongest defense possible. 

Defend You at Trial
The most important function of a criminal defense attorney is to help the accused achieve the best outcome.  In some cases, this may mean accepting a plea agreement.  In others, it may mean going to trial and presenting your defense.

When hiring a lawyer, you need to know that you are retaining someone who is prepared to fight for you.  The experienced team at the Davis Law Group LLC have a commitment to no-nonsense legal representation, and have proven themselves willing and able to proceed to trial for their clients.

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