The lawyers of Davis Law Group have extensive experience in civil litigation. We have represented a broad range of clients, including governmental entities, large corporations, small business owners and individuals in the courts of Ohio. Our attorneys in Akron, Ohio are well positioned to handle your civil litigation needs with competence, caring and professionalism.


Our lawyers are well versed in matters of commercial law. We value the opportunity to work with you on an ongoing basis to help avoid or reduce the risk of potential litigation. However, when litigation happens we are ready to handle your case with aggressive, professional representation. We are also a leader in civil litigation matters that center on title insurance and real estate title issues. We have significant experience in contract and commercial litigation, and take great pride in representing businesses against claims that range in complexity and scope.


From entity formation to contract drafting and negotiations, to advice relating to ongoing commercial activities, the small business owner and the large corporate officer can find the legal advice they need for their business concerns with us. Today business is affected by many factors. From the environment to the economy, business are being asked to be cognizant of many legal requirements in today’s business environment. Davis Law Group will help you navigate the issues that confront your business.


Our attorneys have worked with numerous municipal, county, and state levels of government. The principals of the law firm have managed, directed and provided critical guidance for many political campaigns at all levels of government. Over the course of twenty years we have represented many clients and businesses with regard to their varied dealings with governmental entities. Our insight can help you. Whether you need representation before a board or commission, guidance when dealing with an agency or direct negotiations with a governmental entity Davis Law Group LLC is your best choice.


In these financial times that require looking at every dollar that is spent, Davis Law Group LLC understands that you and/or your business cannot afford to pay more in real estate taxes than necessary. Property valuation is a key component to what you pay in real estate taxes. Our lawyers can help you navigate the legal challenges that can be made to lower your real estate tax bill. We are ready to help you fight against a change in the valuation of your real estate that might cause you to pay more in real estate taxes.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in the negotiation, drafting and review of all types of documentation generated by real estate transactions. We have represented various entities in the acquisition, financing and construction of commercial, retail and residential projects. The law firm has broad experience in various financing vehicles for real estate transactions including conventional financing, tax credit financing, bond financing and other types of mixed-financing projects.

Davis Law Group lawyers have significant experience in matters related to titles of real estate and have been successful in finding solutions to real estate title defects that present great challenges. Such solutions are critical in allowing for clear title to real estate to pass to another person or entity. We have a detailed understanding of title requirements when reviewing the title history to a parcel of real estate, and have the ability to recognize issues related to the same far in advance of any title problems placing a transaction in jeopardy.

We also have significant experience relating to real estate title insurance, and the complex and sophisticated aspects that real estate title insurance presents. We have substantial experience in understanding title insurance issues, and can make the process of preparing pro formas and title commitments simple and efficient, and the review of title insurance policies straightforward.


Whether you need an attorney to help negotiate a lease, or explain what legal rights or obligations you have in the landlord and tenant setting we can help you. Davis Law Group LLC handles eviction matters so you don’t have to deal with the details of an eviction.


Davis Law Group LLC handles all misdemeanor and traffic offenses. Our experienced lawyers should be your first thought if you have been arrested for DUI or other vehicle related offenses. Don’t try to navigate the legal system by yourself. In a criminal case that can be very risky and challenging. Give yourself peace of mind by allowing our lawyers to do the work of dealing with witnesses, prosecutors and judges for you.


While nobody wants to think about what happens when we pass away, and while there may never be a “right” time to do so, the fact is that we can make an impact on how your affairs are handled when the time comes. We can make the process of handling your business affairs, distribution of assets and administration of your debts simpler and easier for your loved ones. Estate planning takes on different forms for different people, and what your needs are may differ from others. We work to find a solution to your estate planning needs that makes sense for you and does what you want it to do. Whether you need a will, living trust, estate tax trusts, power of attorney for business and personal matters, healthcare power of attorney or a living will we are prepared to help you.


Davis Law Group LLC can handle all of the complications, forms, filings, and business dealings that come with handling the loss of a loved one. During your time of mourning let us focus on handling the probate concerns so you can focus on your family. We also offer trust administration services and can assist those that have been made a trustee under a living trust when the need for legal advice arises.


One of the principals of Davis Law Group has been a special counsel for the State of Ohio from 1983 to 1995 and from 2007 to the present, and is responsible for the collection of delinquent taxes and assessments on behalf of several State of Ohio agencies and departments. The law firm has also represented numerous private corporations in collection matters, as well as general business issues and transactions.