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Real estate transactions, both commercial and residential, are an investment. Whether buying or selling, maximizing your profit while minimizing your risk is essential to making the most of your investment.

At Davis Law Group LLC, our experienced real estate/business lawyers can protect your interests in any real estate transaction. From purchase to sale to management to development, Davis Law Group LLC provides in-depth legal counsel so that you can capitalize on your investment as quickly and as profitably as possible.

Real Property Transactions

Davis Law Group LLC represents businesses and individuals in all types of real property transactions. This includes negotiating, drafting, and resolving:

  1. Lease Agreements
  2. Escrow Agreements
  3. Deeds
  4. Settlement Agreements
  5. Taxation Issues

Our lawyers also protect clients’ interests in related legal proceedings or disputes, offering business- and profit-focused solutions.

Purchase Agreements

A well-drafted purchase agreement is the first line of defense in protecting a client’s investment. Too often, though, individuals rely on cookie cutter agreements that do not make necessary adjustments for the needs of a specific client or property.

Davis Law Group LLC works with clients to develop a tailored agreement to help individuals and businesses get the most for their money. This means taking the time to understand your goals, your needs, and the unique character of your property. With personalized solutions and client-focused representation, Davis Law Group LLC can help you get the best value possible.

Landlord Representation

The landlord-tenant relationship is heavily regulated, both by Ohio law and by a governing lease agreement. Landlords must be aware of both their obligations and their rights in order to maintain profitability.

Davis Law Group LLC provides landlords with business-savvy legal counsel in all aspects of property ownership and management:

  1. Drafting Lease Agreements
  2. Ongoing Counsel Regarding Legal Obligations
  3. Representation in Individual Tenant Disputes
  4. Eviction
  5. Rent Raising


Zoning issues can present difficult legal challenges. Zoning restrictions can detract from a property’s utility, desirability, and monetary value. With the value of your property at stake, it is essential to have a trusted attorney representing your interests in any zoning matter.

Davis Law Group LLC represents clients in Akron and throughout Ohio before zoning boards to ensure that businesses can maintain maximum utility and maximum profitability.

Property Development

Both large- and small-scale property development are subject to myriad state and local regulations. Having a comprehensive development plan at the outset can speed up your development timeframe while minimizing expenses.

The lawyers at Davis Law Group LLC offer can help fast-track your property development with in-depth legal and business advising. Identifying key issues and obstacles ahead of time, Davis Law Group LLC anticipates and advocates for your developmental needs so that your development project can proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Real Estate Business Lawyers |Akron Ohio | Davis Law Group LLC

Representing both businesses and individuals, Davis Law Group LLC advises clients in all real estate business matters. Call now to schedule your initial consultation.

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