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We’re the best business attorney Akron Ohio has to offer! Starting a business takes courage, knowledge, and motivation. Making a business successful, though, takes so much more. Choosing Davis Law Group LLC means you’re in good hands.

You want your business to succeed. But to have the best chance of success, you need business and legal insights from a trusted business attorney. What type of legal entity should your business be? What is your business plan? How do you protect your business and assets? What licenses and regulations will you need to obtain or follow?

Davis Law Group LLC can answer these and countless other questions for developing and established businesses in and around Akron Ohio. Dedicated to providing individualized advice and custom business solutions, Davis Law Group examines and evaluates all of your options with you to help develop your path to success.

When you need legal assistance, you want a local attorney that understands your community and your business’ needs. Davis Law Group LLC proudly serves local business owners in the Northeast Ohio area. When business owners need the best business attorney near me, they turn to us for legal help. Starting a small business is difficult without the right help, and we understand this. With local business attorneys near me at Davis Law Group LLC, we can help you grow your small business and help manage business plans, licenses and regulations, and other legal business matters.

Small Business Formation

Forming a small business can seem like a daunting task. Maximizing profit and minimizing risk may require:

  1. Negotiating lease, purchase, franchise, or other agreements
  2. Complying with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and codes
  3. Developing a business plan
  4. Obtaining adequate and appropriate insurance
  5. Obtaining investments or other funding
  6. Drafting employment manuals and other materials

Davis Law Group LLC simplifies the formation of your small business by guiding you through the process of establishing your business. Representing your interests at all stages of business formation, Davis Law Group LLC can help you overcome obstacles, formulate a custom business plan, and help your company become smooth and efficient from the outset. We are honored to serve the Akron Ohio area as your choice for a business attorney Akron Ohio. We also strive to help all that we can, and that’s why we’re proud to also be recongized as business formation attorneys in Medina. Call us today and can we serve your business needs.


Depending on your specific circumstances, incorporating may be advisable for your business. Davis Law Group LLC’s business attorneys in Akron, Ohio can draft appropriate bylaws and develop a corporate structure that conforms to Ohio law, thereby protecting you and your business. Our business attorneys can also help you attain a vendor’s license Akron Ohio to authorize your business to make taxable sales and collect sales tax.

LLC & Partnerships

In circumstances where incorporation is inappropriate, a business attorney Cleveland Ohio from Davis Law Group LLC offers clients full services in the formation of a limited liability company or partnership. A carefully drafted operating agreement can delineate rights and obligations, protect assets, and in many cases provide financial benefits over incorporation.

Small Business Counseling

Whether to incorporate, form an LLC, or form a partnership depends on particular circumstances. There is no “one size fits all” answer. That is why Davis Law Group LLC never offers a “one size fits all” solution.

Davis Law Group LLC’s business lawyers Cleveland provide business advice and solutions tailored to each individual client and small business. Businesses offer different products and services, and they do so through different channels of commerce and in different locations. This means that no two businesses are the same.

Davis Law Group LLC works with you to determine your best course of action in complying with legal and contractual obligations, protecting your business and personal assets, and elevating your business to maximum profitability.

Davis Law Group LLC | Business Attorneys | Akron Ohio

Whether forming a new business, developing a business plan, or seeking guidance on an existing business, an experienced business attorney Akron Ohio can help you achieve your goals. Contact Davis Law Group LLC now to schedule your initial small business consultation.

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