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If you are looking for an Akron estate lawyer or a wills & probate attorney, you can rely on Davis Law Group LLC. We offer a wide range of estate planning services. So, we can make handling business affairs, distributing assets, and administration of your debts an easier process for your family. Our lawyers will work by your side to find the best solutions for your estate planning. Here is a list of some of the many ways we can help you with the estate planning, wills, and trusts:

  • • Estate Planning
  • • Estate Tax Issues
  • • Choosing the appropriate executor
  • • Guardianships
  • • Living Wills
  • • Living Trusts
  • • Wills Drafting
  • • Power of Attorney
  • • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • • Estates and Trusts Services
  • • Probate Attorney Services
  • • Estates and Trusts Administration
  • • Wealth Management
  • • Preparation of Accountings
  • • Distributions of Beneficiaries
  • • Advice to Trustees

Trusts and Estate Planning

Davis Law has helped countless families in Ohio reinforce the financial security of their families. Choosing an Akron estate lawyer from Davis Law means an expert will analyze every aspect of your estate. As a result, we can more accurately create a trust and estate plan that effectively transfers your assets, establishes guardianship for your children, minimizes taxes, and protecting everyone you love.

Most of our clients begin with an estate plan, and in the case of a client becoming incapacitated, we fulfill the role of the trust administration. This process requires acute attention to detail to fulfill the grantor's wishes. In fact, our lawyers have immense experience in providing reliable administration to clients with unique circumstances. So, we can help you maintain the financial security of all entities involved and properly serve the beneficiaries.

Davis Law also offers expertise with providing counsel to trustees. Trustees can potentially be liable for omissions or mistakes that cause losses in the trust. So, we offer the legal advice trustees need to ensure compliance with all areas of the trust administration. If you have been appointed as a trustee, you should not hesitate to contact an Akron estate lawyer. Davis Law Group LLC has successfully guided countless clients through the process, so you know you are in good hands.

Living Wills, Last Will and Testament | Akron Estate Lawyer

Our team of will attorneys can draft a valid will for you, ensuring we honor all your intentions. A will is designed to carry out your wishes. In fact, a living will set parameters for medical intervention in the event that you are incapacitated.

Last wills and testaments give you the opportunity to document your wishes when you pass. This includes distributing your property, establishing care for children and pets, and much more. If you are planning to leave property to a loved one, you need a will. You can also appoint a guardian for your children and pets, so you can rest easy knowing their future is secure.

In Ohio, if you die without a will and you own land or personal property (bank accounts, cars, stocks), assets are distributed under Ohio's "intestacy" law. In these cases, the court will decide how the property will be distributed as well as who cares for your children and pets. Our trust attorneys can make crucial additions to your will as your life changes. This includes drafting codicils that document changes in your marital status, financial situation, children, and philanthropic interests.

Davis Law Group LLC | Akron Estate Lawyer | Will & Probate Attorneys

As a top law firm with expert probate lawyers in Akron, Ohio, Davis Law Group LLC is here to assist families with the estate planning, will, and probate processes. With the help of our probate attorneys, you can more easily work through the processes of estate administration, will administration, beneficiary designation, and transfer-on-death deeds. We can also help you if a family member has recently died without having a will. Davis Law Group can connect you to a professional Akron estate lawyer in the areas of Northeast Ohio, Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Green, and Kent. Additionally, we frequently work with probate courts in Summit County and Portage County.

To hire an Akron estate lawyer you can trust, contact Davis Law Group LLC. We offer estate planning services as well as criminal defense, personal injury representation, real estate planning services, and many other legal issues! You can find us in Akron and throughout Summit and Portage counties including Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, and Green. Contact an Akron estate lawyer at Davis Law Group 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733.

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